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Re: Fibroids?
Oct 12, 2003
PaNik, thank you so much for your comments/suggestions regarding my postings.

I think that my gyn. is being aggressive regarding his testing because, he thinks he did feel a fibroid during my yearly exam the other day, and my periods, which I don't seem to think are really heavy overall, are actually heavy for 1 day. He wants to do the ultrasound to confirm the fibroid or others, of course. Because he said my uterus appeared larger than normal, he does want to do the cell scraping biopsy of my uterus the next day. He said not to worry, but he just wants to make sure there's no problem with my uterus...just being cautious. Also, because we've ruled out any gastrointestinal bleeding, the gyn. area is the last to check out.

My dr. said let's wait to see what these two tests show...I could possibly just need a D&C to alleviate my anemia problem, or that new outpatient surgery to lessen periods (I'm not sure what it's called), and/or the fibroid removal (if that's what it really is). He also suggested possibly putting me on a very, very low dosage of birth control pill for just a few months to see if that helps. So, it sounds as if there are different options without anything drastic.

Because my ferritin level is so low (2), that indicates iron-deficiency anemia, and all the drs. major concern is internal that's what the drs. are trying to rule out or find.

You are correct,I may not have any internal bleeding problem that is visible, but I believe that fibroids do deplete the blood supply as I understand it, so that could solve the mystery as to what actually is causing my anemia.

In the meantime, yes, I am taking iron supplements twice a day, my family dr. wants me to have my bloodworkup done again in about 5 weeks to see if my iron binding capacity, ferritin, hemoglobin and other levels have gone up.


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