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Re: Oral B12
Nov 4, 2003
NancyH, thanks for the post. I'm 103 low. The Doc hasn't told me why its happened she's just mentioned she thinks its stress related IBS but personally I'm not convinced as I'm not stressed and don;t have anymore symptoms of IBS other than a bit a D now and again (and only since I arrived in Canada in April) Last time was three days before I visited the doc two months ago. I don;t know if I have IF or not but definately don't have PA. All I got from the doc was a pat on the head and 'take some vitamins it'lll clear up' (notice no time frame here) As I feel like I'm walking in treacle quite often, I didn't think quick enough to ask any further hence the questions and serious internetting!

[QUOTE=NancyH]It's hard to gauge it if you don't have a basis to go by. If you are just low (how low?)taking a daily supplement will do. If you lack the intrinsic factor you must take B12 sublingual along with the injections. I have pernicious anemia and it took nearly 3 yrs of weekly injections to get tissue saturation, about a year before I felt ok but some of the nerve damage was irreversible. My level was 96! It depends on alot of other things in order to determine how long it may take to feel ok and then again it isn't like you are going to feel euphoric or anything, you may not notice except the fatigue will deminish.[/QUOTE]

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