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Re: Hematologists
Nov 23, 2003
Hey girl,

I am so sorry about your T-Day plans. It really sounds like volunteering and cooking will be a very full plate for you, without the run. I used to spring, but running has never been for me. Our plans aren't too big. My mom has had extra to deal with since I have been sick, so the motivation around here is a little low. We did a huge mexican dinner for my grandfather's 75th birthday last month (wow was that only a month ago when I bled all over his couch after my surgery?). Anyway, we usually have that stuff plus turkey for Thanksgiving. This year, we are just doing the turkey and a few pies. My mom is so funny, she always does a huge turkey. We have a 22 pound turkey for just four people. Of course, we will have guests later in the day for pie, but only four for the meal. I have seen cool things to do on the food channel, but Thanksgiving is about tradition. I'd hate to change anything from the way I have always had it.

The next day is our big local craft show, so I will be saving my energy for that. I am also going to sell some baked goods. I'm just making everything we give out anyways and putting it for sale so that maybe it will all pay for itself. It's one little thing I can do to contribute, in addition to making a few beaded items. I also made some cool gingerbread houses that look like adobes. I used caramels to make luminarias which are the local style of Christmas lights made out of paper bags and candles and I used tootsie rolls to make vigas which are the big wooden beams that stick out on the edges of adobe buildings. I even added a little bread oven on the outside.

We are doing six shows this season. We did two last year before Easter, but the Christmas ones are the big ones...especially the one on the biggest shopping day of the year. We make some cute angel earrings and pins that people like to buy as gifts.

Lupron is a drug most people don't know about. It will block my natural estrogen and send me into menopause...sounds fun, right. Hopefully, my bleeding will stop eventually and I can make enough blood for the surgery. Plus, it will help draw out some of the blood in the uterus so that she doesn't have a bloody mess in the OR. I guess the odds of getting hepatitis are pretty high and she doesn't want to take my uterus and give me that in exchange.

I started to realize I was anemic about a year ago, too. I broke my leg in October and then I started PT. I thought I was so out of shape when I started the therapy. I was shocked at how fast it all goes when you spend a few weeks stuck in bed with your leg elevated and iced. I started putting things together - like my pathological ice craving - and figured something else must be wrong with me. So, I asked for a test when I had my pap in February and my hemoglobin was at 8. It started to climb so quick after I got on the iron. Who would've ever imagined it would get this far?

I sure hope that little camera found something. Then, maybe you can skip straight to the corrective procedure and skip all of those other diagnostic ones. If that happens, you will probably be in the OR before me. I guess you will have to travel for yours, too. Maybe they can fix you and find the camera at the same time. How long do you wait before they go in after it? How about your throwing up - has it gotten any better?

Wow, another epic post. It is just so nice to have someone who can feel the fatigue to share it all with.

Let me know when you get your results.


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