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Re: Hematologists
Oct 31, 2003
Hi ladies! How's everyone doing? Nik, how's the provera working? I hope your appointment next week is helpful. I heard from the GI doctor in SF today and he wants me to do the capsule endoscopy again. I had that test earlier this year and the results were inconclusive since the camera got "stuck" in area of my small intestine and that's where the battery died. Apparently in normal people the camera should be through your small intestine in about 4 hours....the camera died after about 7 hours and it was still trying to get through the same area. I'm glad that at least the doctors are moving forward, but I really hated this test! I know, there are worse tests out there and at least there was no prep for this like in the colonoscopy, but I was on a clear liquid diet the day before, no food after midnight, and I couldn't eat anything the next day until 4 hours after I swallowed the camera. Even after I was able to eat, it was from a very small list of foods that was essentially an expanded liquid diet with some soft foods. I had to stop taking my iron supplements 5 days before the test so I was exhausted by the day of the test, although that shouldn't be a problem this time since I've been getting IV iron instead. I remember being so exhausted that I didn't even want to walk to my car to sleep (which was only just over in the parking structure) so I found the closest chair in the downstairs lobby and slept. Ironically, before the test I was worried about whether or not I'd have enough time to do some shopping in Union Square and make it back in time to turn in the waistbelt...well, that wasn't an issue since I never left the hospital!

Sorry for complaining so much...I think I'm just frustrated with all of this, especially repeating some of these tests again. But, I also saw my GP today and she showed me a chart she's been keeping of my hgb, hct, ferritin, and all the other iron was actually a little scary to see the pattern of things over these past few months! I've known that things have gone up and down, but to see it on paper like that was different. I'm just hoping I can hold things together long enough to get through my trip to North Carolina next week and meetings with the Ph.D. faculty at UNC! I'm really excited about their program and the school, but you guys all know how tired you can feel sometimes with the anemia, and I would hate to appear as though I'm really not that interested or indifferent to what they have to say! Not to mention the possibility of having to make a "graceful" exit from the room at some point to throw up since that's still happening randomly each week :(

Well have a happy Halloween everyone! Take care,

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