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Re: Hematologists
Oct 16, 2003
Here's what I've found out as I went through the same process you GP referred me to a hematalogist awhile ago, mostly for the IV iron, but also to make sure my bone marrow is working ok and that it isn't the cause of my anemia. The hematalogist gave me a couple rounds of IV iron and then ran a CBC about 5 weeks after the first IV to see where my red blood cell count, hgb, hct, etc, were after the iron. If your bone marrow isn't working properly, you won't be able to create new red blood cells, no matter how much iron they give you. My rbc went up a little, although not quite into the normal range. He also checked my reticulocyte count - which should be above normal if you're anemic since your bone marrow should be constanting making new red blood cells to make up for what it's missing. If the tests indicate that your bone marrow isn't responding as it should be, the hematalogist will probably do a bone marrow biopsy.
My hematalogist told me that my bone marrow appears to be working fine, and sent me back to the GI doctor to find out where I'm losing the blood from. He wasn't too much help in finding out what's causing my anemia, but the IV's of iron have been helpful, so at least he's of some use to me :) Good luck!

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