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DAmn right Marilyn, prednisone IS poison and i reckon it actually makes me worse in the long term. I wonder why its taking so long to find blood for you. I guess you either must have an uncommon blood type or the doctors are just being extra cautious, because i've never had problems with matching blood for transfusions even though the antibodies don't usually match completely.

The really agitating part about this condition is that its not know what causes it. I dont really know if i was my fault for eating too much chocolates or what, but im certainly being more cautious and selective with my diet and lifestyle nowadays. Also, dont call me paranoid but i sometimes feel it might have something to do with the huge power lines running close by our house. It would be really good if we, the patients, could possibly find a reason for it by discussing between ourselves about our habits and lifestyles. or maybe im just too optimistic.

My blood count has been averaging 7-8 g/l for the last yr now but i have found something thats really helped me cope with anemia much betta. i was recommended by a nurse at the hospital to do some Chinese therapy that includes acupuncture and traditional herbs. I was sceptical at first but i thought what the heck, i got nothin to lose (except my spleen :) ) and i guess when i kept ending up at the hospital i felt so down that i was willin to try anything. Anyways, the stuff seems to work especially the herbs, and after 1 month i noticed a big difference. Everytime i went to the hemo i was surprised at the fact that for example, i would feel like my counts were about 9 but i was actually 7. it was no cure for me but safe and definitly worth it. I'm running at about 8 now and i can even play tennis now which i hadnt been able to for over a year. Before, i would struggle to go upstairs to my room. if you do decide to try it make sure you find a genuine therapist with good qualifications and not just anyone thats convenient for you.

Either way, marilyn i hope you can keep your spleen for that extra bit longer. I know the feeling when a splenectomy gets delayed, a quiet sigh of relief.

I got so much to talk about but for now i think i'll go to sleep. good nite.

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