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[QUOTE=Marimac]I had an iron infusion 2 years ago. The iron was infused over a 6 hour period of time. During the infusion, I had some what severe left shoulder pain. They had to slow the infusion down to barely dripping at all. The next day I ran a fever of 101.0 I felt like I had the flu and I broke out into the little red dots(Petechae) I slept quite a bit and took some tylenol for discomfort. The aches and pains went away in about 3 days with each day a little less uncomfortable than the first. My left shoulder throbbed from time to time, for the next 2 weeks, just like it did during the infusion. A lymphnode in my chest area on the left side popped out during the three days I was in recovering mode. I went outside and sat in the sun (spring warmth) I felt better each time I did that. I only stayed in the sun about 10 minutes each trip. It helped my aches and pains better than the tylenol. I was told by my hemo that the more often the iron is given IV, or injection, the more the possibility is that the iron might accumulate around a major organ like the spleen, kidney etc. I have not had another infusion and although I have some weakness and a low iron count, I will be putting off getting an iron infusion until the risks of not having iron out way the risks of organ failure from the infusion.[/QUOTE]
I hope I am doing this right in trying to reply.
Thanks for your response about the same symptoms on the Freeing feet and hands. But do you think having normal everything else related to iron can cause symptoms everything but the Ferrritin?

I also want to maybe mention that it has been my experience that Vit C the ascorbic acid powder has helped with reactions to some allergies. I do have a lot of other health issues. My immune system does not work right. My dr did some tests for CFS and it was very detailed on all kilnds of killer cells and subsets of killer cells and some vere high some were low. So through the years of being sick I found that the Vit C has helped. Supposedly you can take it until bowel tolerance. There are some articles in books on it and you might be able to do a search. I don't know if I can mention anything since I have never posted on any forums until now. I have a hard time understanding some of the rules. I am not sure what a thread is. I hope your next iron infusion is not as hard on you. I know what it is like to have problems that don't seem to fit the text book.



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