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[QUOTE=MOMICULA]Hi, I just had my 2nd infusion. The 1st one my throat started to get scratchy..then for a week afterwards I felt terrible. My joints, muscles, entire body was very sore. I was terribly exhausted, just felt terrible. This time I didn't feel too bad the day after, but on the 2nd day I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Joints, muscles, some tiny red/purple-ish spots, if you touch me it feels sore, I feel foggy and very very tired. My neck hurts, across my shoulders, hips, knees, hands, feet, etc. I even feel that my heart rate is off, and W/little effort I get shortness of breath. Now I know these are symptoms of anemia, but I didn't feel this bad right before the infusions. Does anyone else have reactions to IV iron? Thanks :eek:[/QUOTE]

I had an iron infusion 2 years ago. The iron was infused over a 6 hour period of time. During the infusion, I had some what severe left shoulder pain. They had to slow the infusion down to barely dripping at all. The next day I ran a fever of 101.0 I felt like I had the flu and I broke out into the little red dots(Petechae) I slept quite a bit and took some tylenol for discomfort. The aches and pains went away in about 3 days with each day a little less uncomfortable than the first. My left shoulder throbbed from time to time, for the next 2 weeks, just like it did during the infusion. A lymphnode in my chest area on the left side popped out during the three days I was in recovering mode. I went outside and sat in the sun (spring warmth) I felt better each time I did that. I only stayed in the sun about 10 minutes each trip. It helped my aches and pains better than the tylenol. I was told by my hemo that the more often the iron is given IV, or injection, the more the possibility is that the iron might accumulate around a major organ like the spleen, kidney etc. I have not had another infusion and although I have some weakness and a low iron count, I will be putting off getting an iron infusion until the risks of not having iron out way the risks of organ failure from the infusion.

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