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[QUOTE=suttles]Can anyone please tell me if having a low ferritin 8 lab range 10-282 that was a year ago I took a couple of bottles of iron from the health food store the dr repeated it in Nov and it is 11.4 lab range is 11.0-306.
I have been checked for b12 and took shots and all the other iron tests say normal. Thyroid is min. low.
I have been having freezing feet and hands have to warm up in sleeping bag or shower. A couple of weeks ago I had to spend time outside taking care of animals that evening I noticed my face was drier than normal after several days after using vit 3 oil and it was getting worse with itching and redness NO Rash it was so dry that if I pushed on it it stayed in the same place every crack in it looked horriable my eyelids got very pink. Went to see my dr. he said it was dehydrated. Did not know what had caused it. Can low ferritin do this? I am 49 and do not have regular periods. Please anybody give me some input.
Thank You,

Sandy[/QUOTE]The Ferritin level is just a measure of stored iron. It is what is left over after you have utilized what you need for daily functions. If it is at the low norm then you probably are not anemic. However, a low thyroid level will cause the symptoms you describe. The thyroid test is one that is difficult to get an accurate measure on sometimes and will read higher than it is functioning sometimes. So people who have hypothyroidism are sometimes lower than the numbers reveal. Sometimes the symptoms of cold hands and feet and dry skin, thinning hair, loss of libido, and excessive weight gain, or weight loss is the only way to diagnose.

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