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I have searched the board and read all your postings for those suffering for IHA. Pretty scary. But....

Although I am jumping the gun with my diagnoisis, I want to go to my haematologest knowing what questions to ask if he tells me I have IHA. I have autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimotos) and I after doing research I feel deep down I may have IHA. Could be totally wrong though!!!

I had a bone marrow biopsy last week to find out why I have a high MCV (too many immature red blood cells - H thinks could be due to premature death of red blood cells). I have all the sypmtoms of anemia plus a few more including red spots on my arms and chest, I wake up every two hours during the night feeling hot, my pulse bounding in my ears and a terrible thirst. Although I never perspire. Some nights I feel as if I have a golf ball stuck under my left rib. I have had years of viral illnesses including tonsillitus, sinisitus, brochitis, bronchial pnemonia, glandular fever & legionaires bacteria, my iron count has always been on the floor (around 4-6), but for the first time in 20 years it is suddenly ok, which has thrown me.

I am starting to feel a little apprehensive about tommorrow, hence posting here.

I really would welcome any feedback even if you think I am nuts or on the wrong track.[/QUOTE]I can give you some guesses but that is all.
I would guess that you have an intermittent bone marrow failure. It does not fail all the time or you would have already had to have a marrow transplant or somethig. Your system may be finally adjusting to a steady cycle of red cell destruction which would allow your body to figure out how many blood cells to produce to keep up with your physiological demand. The human body does its best to maintain stability and when unable to do so in one way, will devise all sorts of discomforts to try to manipulate a remedy. Low red blood cells will send us racing to the doctor with shortness of breath. If nothing gets changed, over a long period of time, our bodies will adapt to the low cell count and will compensate in other ways. The compensations can sometimes be symptoms of other diseases. Of course, if you are female and have been having menstrual periods and suddenly you don't anymore, your counts are likely to elevate. If you have a bleeding ulcer or colon that suddenly stops bleeding(heals) the counts may go up. I am afraid that explaining all this does not answer your question, but it will probably help to understand about the body attempting to correct itself.

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