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I've visited the depression msg. board a lot, but this is my first time here. I was diagnosed with a severe B-12 defficiency about a year ago, and get injections every 2 weeks. I can't tolerate vitamin supplements, they all make me vomit profusely. My doctor has been floating the idea of pernicious anemia, as I've been passing out about twice or three times a week , an getting the numbness and cold sweats a lot. I'm constantly tired and my main leisure activity is sleeping ( though am bi-polar too, so don't know what symptom belongs to which disorder). What causes the defficiency? What causes pernicious anemia? Are injections the only way of treating these things? How do other sufferers manage to work and have a life too?
Am very confused, and my doctor seems equally so. In my experience, fellow sufferers offer the best insights, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.[/QUOTE]
The majority of people who suffer from B-12 deficiency are people who can not make the intrinsic factor in the gut that allows the body to use B-12 vitamin. B-12 is normally taken in through food and stored in the liver until it is needed. People who are normal have B-12 stored for use up to 5 years so one can suddenly develop an inability to absorb or utilize B-12 and still be ok for about 5 years(longest) before showing the symptoms you describe. The reasons that people can not make intrinsic factor are several: They are born with a defective gastric process, they acquire the problem from stomach or gastric ulcers, they have a reduced function due to aging process or they have had a gastric surgery for some reason such as Cancer, or weightloss surgery. The other vitamins that are needed in order to use the B-12 effectively are Folic Acid and Ascorbic Acid. Neurological and psychiatric problems are very common in people who are severely deficient in B-12. Other side effects are iron deficiency anemia in which the blood cells are not able to use the iron because of the way that iron and b-12 are used together to provide the metabolism for food and other metabolic functions. Since B-12 again has to have intrinsic factor to be absorbed"normally" if you do not have the intrinsic factor, then the stomach has to be by-passed by injecting the B-12 directly into the blood stream to aid body metabolism so that the body's cells, tissues etc can have use of the B-12. The fainting spells etc are caused by oxygen transport being compromised. The oxygen is being used to keep your vital organs going and that is causing a decrease to your heart, lungs and kidneys. But, when you go unconscious for a few moments here and there it is like a brown out is in a city who is drawing too much current for the electrical system. I hope this makes sense. The problem is that it will only get worse and could eventually effect a permanent DNA change at the cellular level leaving the door open for leukemic conversion and a cancer of some sort could take hold in the vulnerable areas of your body such as the stomach and other mucus secreting areas of your body.

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