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[QUOTE=NancyH]I may have said that wrong. If you LACK the intrinsic factor you can eat liver til it comes out your nose and it will have done you NO good. But if you are a person who has the intrinsic factor but has low B12, eating food rich in B12 and taking supplements like b12 will raise your b12 level storage. I was informed by my neurologist that taking B12 sublingual tabs or the liquid drops under the tongue does go directly into the blood stream and bypasses the stomache much the same way as the injections, just not enough to bring up the level alot for us who can;t keep the level up. Now that you have questioned that I may look more into it as I have listened to him for about 8 yrs and I believe everything he says(he literally saved my life)and he never has steered me wrong so far. Maybe he just thinks any extra boost will help. I take B-Complex sublingual liquid by Nature's Bounty, it has 12000mcg of B12 plus a small amount of other b vit. You have to hold the liquid under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. I still have a hard time keeping my level up so I take it hoping it will help just started this liquid a month ago so who knows., I still get my shots as well. I hope this clarified it.[/QUOTE]

Oh thats ok Nancy, I'm no MD by any means! I don't know why but thats what my Dr told me about taking anything like that by mouth? if you get good check-ups doing that then obiviously it's working? thats just what I've been told I never tried taking the B-12 drops?
I don't know if theres a difference in some one with low B-12 defficiency and the perneious anemia? if you still have your intrinsic factor maybe it's only working on one side ? hence a low B12 defficiency! verses both sides gone hence the pernious anemia??
I thought these was pretty close to each other?
I have pernious anemia and take the injections once a month/ with folic acid and iron supplments daily! I can tell at the end of the month I need my injection because I'm tired with low after my injection I feel better real fast!

If your Doc has been taking good care of you for the last 8 years then if I was you I would stay with him!!!...some times it don't hurt to get a second opinion I guess !!! esp when it comes to your health and well being!
Good Luck to ya.

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