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Re: Low Iron
Mar 13, 2004
[QUOTE=QuietStorm402000]Hi All! The Pale Posse meets again!
I wanted to ask a couple of you about your iron issues--Robste and Merimac--you sound like you have problems similar to mine. I'm 44 and the iron deficiency is NOT budging! I saw my hematologist yet again yesterday (3 years with him and counting) and though my Hgl was just a tad under "normal" my Ferritin will NOT rise no matter what we've tried. I've even gone thru SEVERAL IV infusions of iron and I just can't store it. My Ferritin usually measures 3 or 4 and he can not understand why my Hgl is so "good" right now. I did all the same tests as you guys and all of 'em were normal. I even went on continuous BCPs to stop my periods all together though they weren't heavy and still my iron hasn't budged. Have either of you been told WHY this is happening??? I'm lucky in that my Hgl has never plunged below a 10 (I can't imagine cause that feels awful!) The IV iron will bring up my Hgl in a pinch BUT it doesn't last. I'm a gym rat and I'm having real isssues with getting thru a simple workout--I'm exahusted! My dr. claims that as long as I'm not actually anemic I should not notice any deficits. I'M TIRED all the time and I sleep like Mt Everest at least 9 hours a night (and I'm about as mobile come morning!) :yawn:
Hey, Panik--so glad you're back and feeling fine!!
Good Luck to you Cassa on your trip thru the testing maze![/QUOTE]I have done personal research on this subject to try to improve my ability to function and I came across an article regarding iron storage somewhere. I can't remember anything except the part that said that if you were taking in iron and it was not improving your storage amounts that the iron might be getting stored in the wrong places, like the kidney, spleen, and around organs rather than in the proper storage sites. The article went on to say that this could result in kidney failure and iron toxicity that would result in more symptoms of fatigue etc, than you would have at slightly decreased hemoglobin levels. In fact there are some diseases I have read about in which ironoverload occurs, the iron levels are too high and people have to go get treatments for that. I don't know if this information will be a help or not, but it is another angle of this puzzle to explore. I think the disease is hemachromatosis where there is too much iron,..

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