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Re: Low Iron
Feb 20, 2004
Hey Girl,

Welcome to the next complicated phase of getting healthy. BTW, congrats on your LEEP results. Did you say that you wanted to get pg when you get the clear from your doc? Well, it is good that you are getting a handle on your anemia first. As you can imagine, my bleeding made me an expert on anemia. I was diagnosed as severely anemic a year ago - BEFORE my bleeding started and a few months before my LEEP. Not eating red meat really doesn't seem like a good reason to be anemic. If you eat everything else, you should get plenty of iron from other sources. I will look to find this post we had here before that taught me a ton about iron. Here it is:


You can learn a lot from the entire thread, but the entry from surviving spirit tells a lot about how to get the most out of your iron. Talk to your doc about the severity of your anemia and about the iron supplements that you are using. I used Bronson Iron with C and my hematologist had me take 6 a day. Turns out there isn't that much iron in them. With the vitamin C and by keeping calcium out of my stomach when I was taking the iron pills, my body soaked the iron up and made blood really fast. Plus, I was never constipated. I guess the vitamin C helps with that. The only way I ended up staying so anemic is because I was bleeding so much.

That's the other thing I wanted to bring up. Iron deficiency can be caused by a few things and not just poor diet. being iron deficient can be a sign that your body has used up all of your iron to make blood to replace lost blood. Usually, in a woman, the first thing they check is your periods. For you, they may not seem heavy if that is what you are used to. And, if you want to become pregnant, it will be hard to control, but they usually try birth control to reduce your blood loss. Your doc really should be interested in finding a potential source of blood loss if you went from iron deficient to anemic AND you were taking iron. Also, after you try a few types of pills, you may have to talk to a doc about IV iron. I never needed it, but many people do.

It's a lot to take in, I know. Keep reading and you will learn a lot!


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