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[QUOTE=trac]hi, i've just been told i have a deficiency in b12 and a folate deficiency. i've felt like this: feeling of lump in throat (sometimes), pain in chest, rib, top and bottom of back, extreme tiredness, shortness of breath which comes and goes (few days on and few days off), numb hand on and off, itchy skin, no energy a lot of the time.these symptoms are mostly there, but not all of them all of the time. i'm waiting to hear from doc for an endoscopy. she says i'm not anaemic, so why am i short of breath and why the chest pain. she says my folate is significantly low as is my b12. any ideas?[/QUOTE]
B-12 and folate also govern the metabolism of calories and food and is one link in the change of utilizing food for energy. Before any one gets excited, a deficiency does not significantly increase or decrease weight, but how you use the food you eat is effected. B-12 and folate deficiency will sometimes cause you to lose your appetite and then you feel tired. Also it causes you to crave things that have B-12 or other vitamins in it exclusive of a well rounded meal with everything. I crave lettuce and tomato salads when mine is low. That is better than eating dirt but if it is the only thing I eat, there are not many calories and lettuce and tomatos are just a few minerals and some vitamin c and potassium which leaves out a multitude of other things you need for energy and good health. So having said all of this, you can be tired from a lot of complicated effects of the B-12 and folate deficiency.

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