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[QUOTE=trac]just been told i have a deficiency to b12 and folate. apparantly quite a severe deficency. is it normal to be deficient to both? what could be causing this? my doctor says i'm not anaemic even though i look it and feel it. i'm awaiting a phone call from the doc regarding more tests. i feel so exhausted and short of breath and have started feeling sick now as well.[/QUOTE]

Hi Sounds like your Doctor is awaiting Bloodtest? along with a few other things for him to look at? if your intrinsic factor is missing I would only "guess" you may have pernious anemia?...but you may just be low in your B -12?? Causing you to feel like you been feeling, you may have to take B-12 injections for a while to get your body built back up!
You may need to ask your Doctor as to what the cause would be? theres a bunch of things that can cause it??if theres no medical known reason for it could be just a family gene thing?

I have Pernious Anemia and my symptoms was tired feeling all the time even after I rested/ I would just fall to sleep anywhere I was!!!...dizzy had a tingle feeling in my neck back fingers and believe or not my feet felt hot actually I had to go cool them in running cold water..and they started to sweel up...thats when I went to the Doctor....before my feet did that I just thought I had a pinch-nerve or something like that and that made me all tired ........boy was I wrong! now i take injections every month and folic acid and iron supplments daily..I did get loaded up on the injections at the beginning everyday for 2 weeks then he put to on the injections once a month.
I feel much much better.

Maybe you just have a B-12 defficiency? and your going to be just fine!
Good Luck to you.

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