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[QUOTE=KritterKeeper]A lot of us visiting this board have had iron infusions--it's worth checking thru past posts. Usually the infusion goes off without a hitch and then there's folks like me! You will be under supervision at all times by the medical staff so if something wicked your way comes they can cope with it quickly. Theoretically it will replace your iron stores in full and should help you to build your blood supply. Good Luck![/QUOTE]

Well, I had the infusion ... all did not go well. I had the test dose and it was fine. About an hour and a half into treatment I started reacting, hives, pain, muscle cramps, short of breath ... steroids and other medication seemed to do the trick. After waiting more than an hour they decided to give it another try ... I had a slow infusion over the next 12 hrs and it seemed to go ok but I didn't complete the course.

The infusion was last Tuesday, now it's Saturday and I'm experiencing quite a bit of pain in my legs and feet. In the mornings I walk like an 80 year old (I'm in my 30's) and it really hurts. As the day goes on it gets better unless I'm sitting for a long time or laying down.

Is this a side effect from the infusion? How long does it take to go away? I do have a bit more energy than I did before, not much .. but every little bit counts right? :)
I've had five infusions so far...once a week - no problem receiving them - they give me steroids first. However, for the next few days I feel like I am walking thru mud and my legs and hips ache - nothing a little aleve won't relieve. I am receiving ferrecit. My hemocrit levels were down to 24.9% - unfortunately, even with treatment, my iron is still maintaining and at times going down - it seems like I am not absorbing it. I still have 3 months to go and I heard that some people receive them weekly for a whole year. Part of the reason is that I have not stopped my heavy periods as of yet, and as soon as I can find a birth control pill that doesn't make me sick and full of abdominal pain, I will start. Until then, I guess I will need more blood transfusions.
[QUOTE=chickiepoomama]Has anyone here had an iron infusion? Did it help you? How low was your iron to start? Where did it end up?
I'm scheduling my appointment for an iron infusion today.
Thanks.[/QUOTE]I had an iron infusion IV over 8 hours time. I was given the test dose and started to have chest pains and so they waited an hour and we started again at a slower rate. My ferritin level was less than 4 and my iron count was at 3 when it was given. My hemoglobin was at 6. The infusion pushed the Hemoglobin to 9 and the doctor said that he was going to be satisfied with that since the chest pain was not a good thing. Overtime my body began to be able to make enough blood on its own. I finally went through menopause the next year and I am now still having low iron stores that remain at 4(ferritin) but the hemoglobin is hanging out at 12 so that is a sign that I am taking in enough iron to maintain, and I will be ok unless I spring another leak some place.The week following the infusion, I had flu symptoms, a fever of 100-101. The doctor said not to worry about it and take tylenol for any cramping. He said that if the temperature went above 101.0 to go to the emergency room. I was fine. I got a nice one week vacation from work and my hubby treated me like a queen for about 3 days.( he always treats me nice). I have a lot of fatigue from pernicious anemia but I am hanging in there . I have a firm belief of my own that the human body can compensate if left alone and not over treated by human hands. I think in my case I am correct. I have not had another iron infusion and do not plan to have one unless I sustain another immediate loss of blood. I think I can teach my body to be normal on what it gets.This is not something I recommend to everyone. I am just a control freak.

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