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Excellent information!

There are 2 tests for determining B-12 deficiency. There is the regular one and also one called a methamalonic acid test. Many Dr's don't like to do the MA test because it is real expensive. It generally runs around $500 to have it done. However if you have absorbsion problems, have had a gastric bypass, intestinal problems, or gallbladder problems... sometimes it is worth it to have it done to rule out B-12 defiency if that is a possibility.

I have absorption issues due to a gastric bypass and have pernicious anemia... I also have some of the more devastating issues that can arise from being deficient for so long.

You can really get into some issues with neurological problems. Balance, walking, mental issues, foot drop, etc. Some of them can get rather serious.

I have more information I will dig out and post. Most of it is my own research that I have done... no I am not a medical professional, just someone who is proactive in my own care.
[QUOTE=NancyH]Pernicious anemia in latin means "violent death" as it once was before the invention of the B12 injectable. My grandmother died of PA as it was before the injection was introduced. I was diagnosed 7 or so years ago at level 96 but already had neurological problems some of which still exist. My level falls fast so the neurologist is always upping the frequency and amount. I give my own injections or my hubby does. Having no intrinsic factor is a lifetime of injections until someone can produce a pill that will bypass the stomach. If you are just low in b12 taking supplements will help alot.[/QUOTE]
My own recent Diagnosis as of Thursday was pernicious anemia. I have the tingle in my left arm numbness all the way down to my finger tips. I just took my first shot on Thursday and for the next 4 weeks every Thurs then injecting them myself for the rest of my life. If you dont mind can I ask you some questions?
How long did the injection take before you notice a difference?
Do you eat dairy products or meat? [B]ME[/B] I havnt had a taste for it. vegan diet not by choice
Did you get numbness anywhere else or tingle?
What other type of supplements do you take? [B]ME [/B] viatmin e, calcium and vitamin c
Weight loss or Gain? [B]ME[/B] I've lost quite a bit, wandering if the shot will cause me to lose more..

I'm consider a tough girl but I'm scared like a baby right now. I almost died after they discovered I was walking around with my HGB at 4.2 I got my 3 liters of blood. Still no answers to where it went. I go back next week..any feedback would help I never post on these things just reaching out.

thanks :rolleyes:

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