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[QUOTE=backwards]Hi everybody.
I have been diagnosed with anemia before and used oral supplements for a couple months and have then been taken off them. For the past 4 months, i have been feeling horrible and went back for blood tests. They couldn't find anything as my hemoglobin level was excellent!~(135 :) )My hemotologist decided to do a ferratin anyways and saw that it was at 2!!!! No one could figure out why my ferratin is so low with such a great hemoglobin. Has anyone had this before? Could it mean that i have something other then anemia and anemia is just a symptom of something else? If you have any ideas please let me know as i am at a loss. Thank you so much!
Anemia is always a symptom of a disease and not a disease itself. You may have an iron absorption storage problem. This means that you are consuming enough iron to run your body on daily, but that you have very little storage iron. What this means is that if you are female and have periods, you are just about breaking even each month on how much iron you consume as to how much is lost. If you are male, the odds are that you have either got a minor leak some place, or you are not ingesting enough iron to have any left over or the test on the hemoglobin could be inaccurate or the Ferritin test could be inaccurate.

Either way, whether you are male or female, If you were to have a sudden loss of blood, say from a surgery or a relatively severe cut, you would be at risk. As to what is causing this condition you have now, it could either be inaccurate tests or the above mentioned possibilities. There are more possibilities but these are the ones that come to mind at this time.
If the Ferritin level was accurate it means you've used up your stores keeping the Hgl levels up and you may become anemic in the near future. My ferritin level is alwyas extremely low but I'm not always anemic. The fact that you've been thru this before leads me to believe that if you're diligent about taking your iron anemia could be avoided. My hematologist keeps a close watch on both my Hgl and Ferritin and if both are bad I'm given IV iron as my body does not absorb iron well.

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