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[QUOTE=erica_74]Hi all!
I just had a blood test done and got the results and the doctor wants me to do another one to check the iron levels and b12 levels and something else which I can;t remember. I am waiting for his fax with the exams that I need to do but I am very scared.... I also forgot to tell him that the day that I did the test was my first day of period...does this alter the results?

Could anybody here releive me from the anxiety and translate my blood test for me?

WBC 5.3
RBC 4.12
HGB 9.9
HCT 32.9
MCV 75
MCH 24
PLT 243

LV 26 (%)
MO 1.0
GR 71.0
EO 2.0

RDW 15.4H %
PCT 0.17 %
MPV 7.1 fl
PDW 16.3H %

Thank you in advance,

Erica :confused:[/QUOTE]Your tests indicate that you have iron deficiency anemia. The doctor has ordered additional tests to confirm the degree. The test you probably do not remember the name of is a Ferritin test or a Total Iron Binding Capacity Test. Either one of those tests will confirm whether or not you are deficient in stored iron, or whether you are having problems making blood cells at the marrow level. The looks of your tests at this point indicate mild anemia. The reason it appears mild is that your red cell count is in normal range and your hemoglobin is slightly off at sea level. If you live in the mountains, then it is a bit more of a problem than it looks like on paper.

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