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Re: Symptoms
Mar 12, 2004
[QUOTE=rainbowdawn]Could someone please list the symptoms of anemia? Thanks! :)[/QUOTE]Until you are fairly severely sick there are no symptoms. There are on record people being drug into the office by a caring relative saying that the patient looks and acts a little washed out, and they are critically low on red blood cells. So, you may not have any symptoms at all.
The most common ones are fatigue, irritability, skipping periods, or having periods that flood because you are low on platelets. Heart beats at a very high rate like 90+ beats per minute, being out of breath just walking across a room. Loss of appetite, or craving for foods like ice, lettuce, or other foods that really have no calories in them.
Some times people become emotionally upset and begin to have true paranoia, believing that people are purposely out to harm them or trick them. Some people develop color blindness being unable to distinguish between green and yellow or black and blue. It is not true color blindness and color accuracy comes back when problem is relieved. Hair can start to fall out in hand fulls, leg and arm hair does not grow much or at all. Skin can take on a waxy, yellowish look, you can develop diarrhea for no apparent reason, pain in the lower back, pelvis area, feels like strained muscles, excessive flatulence can occur. Tongue can get sore and look raw, mouth ulcers inside and split lips like from chapping around the corners or edges of your mouth. Fingers and toes stay cold. You wear sweaters when every one else is going sleeveless or wearing shorts.
Your thinking is sluggish, you want to sleep all the time, but actually can not sleep an entire 8 hours. When you do sleep you do not feel rested. Remember that every single one of these symptoms are related to other diseases too. That is why you have to get a check up with a good doctor. Anemia by itself is not a disease, it is a symptom of disease and these symptoms I just listed are also symptoms where Anemia can also exist.

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