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[QUOTE=mipps]I have meglobastic red blood cells (MCV 116) due to B12 deficiency (138 {range 200-1000). I am about to start a course of B12 injections. I currently take tyroxine for hashimotos and Oestrogen as I am not producing any. I am 40.

My night times are a nightmare. I wake every two hours with pins/needles throughout my body, my feet feel as if they belong to an elephant, my ankles hurt, my whole body irritates me. I find it hard to breath. I sometimes wake with flashing black/white lines (like TV off station) in my head on awakening, altough I think my eyes are closed. Sometimes pain in the centre of my chest. But always with an overwhelming sense of irritability & smothering sensation. The worst part is the crazy thoughts I get eg desire to jump out of a window to smash off my feet or slice open my chest to allow some air in and cool off my organs. The feelings I know are illogical. I usually get up and take a shower or have a cold drink just to ground my racing thoughts and stop the irritability. It does but the cycle of sleep for 2 hours, awake for 1, happens 2-3 times a night for 4-5 nights in a row, then nothing for a couple of weeks. This has been going on for nearly 3 months and is getting very scary.

I would like to hear if anyone else suffers from similar symptoms and if this is because of the anemia.[/QUOTE]
Yes, sleep problems and racing thoughts are definitely a part of the anemia. But, until the B-12 levels are adjusted you might need to see a psychiatrist for medications to help with the self destructive thoughts. This is a chemical imbalance caused by the anemia and has to be addressed immediately because it will take about a year of treatment with the B-12 to restore everything. When the levels get out of the normal range for a long time everything in the body adapts and it takes a while for it to go back to normal. Please see a psychiatrist or a medical doctor because eventually the lack of rest will wear down your ability to determine reality from fiction.

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