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Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on these test results. And if I should asked to be checked for anemia or something else?? The doctor that orderd these tests sent me to a Endo for thyroid testing, but the endo said it was not thyroid related, although I think that it is related some how to how I feel, but if someone here could help that would be great. The doctors I feel are not looking at something, or are just not concered as I am.
These are the symptoms I have which lead me to the doctor, and with all symptoms they could be anything so I guess I have started somewhere, but still have no answers. Anyone with advise or where to turn next please feel free to comment.
I get over heated, heat intolerance, feel like I have a fever but never do, highest temp was 99.1
Periods of rapid heart beats, and forceful beats
Eyes hurt and water
Ear pain
Sinus pain
Lump in throat
Tingling fingers and toes, from time to time
Raynauds in my fingers
Loose stools
Tonsil problems, white junk that has been tested, but always negative for bateria, yet the GP had me on 60 days of antibiotics with no results.
One swollen gland under jaw that can be felt, been threre for months and months, and SLOWLY going down. And showed up on a ultrasound of my neck.

Have seen a ENT, who said to be tested for thyroid problems and if I continue to have tonsil problems to go back to him
The GP ran these upcoming tests and sent me on to an ENDO, was seen by three ENDOs who say that I have an enlarged thyroid but my numbers are not horribly bad and wont do anything and said to go back to the GP for more testing. Well the GP is a quak in my opion but thatís just me.
These symptoms have been going on for months, 9 to be exact, with no answer from 6 different doctors and lots of tests.

Stopped taking a multivitamin a week ago, cause it had idodine in it and was told by endo to avoid iodine as much as possible. And have started two days ago with a b12 vitamin as well as vitamin C.

Feb 27th

Liver test ALT 38 range 25-62

Cholesterol 125 range 0-236
Triglycerides 62 range 0-199 < normal
HDL 39 range 40-60 <40 low > 60 high
LDL 74 range 0-159 < 100 optimal

TSH .2 range .3-4.0
Free T4 1.11 range .7-1.9

CBC panel

White blood count 7.3 range 3.5-10.5
Red blood count 5.06 range 4.3-5.7
Hemoglobin 16.4 range 13.5-17.5
Hematocrit 48.5 range 38.0-50.0
MCV 96.0 range 81.2-95.1 was marked as high
MCH 32.5 range 27.0-33.0
MCHC 33.8 range 32.0-36.0
RDW 13.7 range 11.8-15.6
Platelet 301 range 150-450
Neutrophils 57.9%
Lymphocytes 29.6%
Monocytes 7.6%
Eosinophils 3.64%
Basophils 1.3%
Absolute Neutrophils 4.2 range 1.7-7.0
Absolute Lymphocytes 2.2 range .9-2.9
Absolute Monocytes .6 range .3-.9
Absolute Eosinophils .3 range .1-.5
Absolute Basophils .1 range .0-.1

March 10th

TSH .4 .3-5.0
Total Thyroxine 8.2 5.0-12.5
Free Thyroxine 1.3 .8-1.8
Triiodothyronie 103 80-180

Uptake scan 6 HR 7.1% 3-16%
24 HR 20.1% 8-29%

Ultrasound exam of the neck demonstates a normal thyroid with a colloid cyst in the medial aspect of the thyroid lobe. Multiple bening-appearing lymph nodes.

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