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... Went to get my Blood Work results and they were good except for my hemoglobin numbers. ... (0 replies)
High hemoglobin
Aug 24, 2008
... If you just had surgery, you hgb can read on the high side. Your ferritin is very low. While you are not anemic, you will become one if you not increase your ferritin levels. Ferritin should be around 70 that is according to my hematologist. My hgb is always high, but I do run a lot, but my ferritin is always going down and requires me to get infusions all the time. What is... (3 replies)
High hemoglobin
Aug 20, 2008
... Hi everyone I was wondering if you can tell me what,if anything, it means if you have a high hemoglobin count. ... (3 replies)

... 12.0 is considered normal for females at sea level in the US. 14-16 is optimal for males at sea level. (4 replies)
... Analyte Value Flag Reference Units Status Site WBC 16.3 H 3.6-9.2 X 103/uL Final RBC 5.17 4.38-5.58 X 106/uL Final Hemoglobin 11.2 L 13.7-17.3 g/dL Final Hematocrit 37.7 L 39.0-49.0 Percent Final MCV 72.9 L 80.0-96.0 fL Final MCH 21.7 L 28.0-33.5 pg Final MCHC 29.7 L 32.0-37.0 g/dL Final RDW 16.2 H 11.2-15.0 Percent Final PLATELET COUNT 425 H 140-400 X... (0 replies)
... ymptoms of anemia, like requent headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath and increased heart rate when I go up the steps, etc. I had a CBC that showed ferritin of 3 but hemoglobin 11. ... (7 replies)
... Well, I'm back... Graves Disease is "hyper" thyroid. I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy done-had 2 polyps in the colon that were normal, a polyp in my stomach which was normal, and one in my duodenum which was also normal. The gastro. doctor said he didn't see any reason for bleeding from these two tests. I haven't had a follow up visit with him, just spoke to a hurried nurse on... (23 replies)
... We recently found out our 19 year old son has Iron Def Anemia - this was discovered when he had some blood work done as he was complaining about symptoms almost like depression - tired - lethargy headaches - irritability etc... Since then he has been poked - prodded - weekly blood tests - stool samples etc... Primary care Dr sent us to a Gastro - Gastro sent us to a... (0 replies)
... my hemoglobin was 13. ... (4 replies)
... I had a hysterectomy back in 2000, I have had all kinds of test to see where the bleeding is coming from. Lab results as of 8/16/12: RBC count: 3.67. Low Platelet count: 412. High Hemoglobin: 10.4. Low Hematocrit: 32.1. Low AST: 37. High (5 replies)
... Iron 19 RBC 3.78 Hemoglobin 9.0 Hemocrit 28.7 MCV 76 MCHC 31.4 RDW 16.3 Can anyone help me understand just how anemic I am? I do not have health insurance and got this blood test at Labcorp. I am so tired all the time and have no energy. :yawn: My back story is this: (3 replies)
... Sorry for this being long. Just want to get as much info into this as possible. I was recently dx'd with low ferritin at 7 (10-291) and the dr has put me on 75 mg of iron a day. There's other things going on too, but not sure if they're contributing factors or not. From what little reading I've done on this, it seems like the whole chicken/egg thing. In Feb, they found... (4 replies)
My Lab Results
May 26, 2012
... A few of my numbers are off. Anything to be concerned about? Hematocrit--41.6.......36-50 Hemoglobin--14.2.......12.5-17.0 RCB---------4.18........4.10-5.60 MCV--------100..... 80-98 Eos---------9....0-7 TICB--------248..... 250-450 UIBC--------130.....150-375 Iron Serum---118.....40-155 (1 replies)
... Hi! I don't know much about reading blood panels yet, but I've definitely been reading about iron supplements. All supplements are not created equal. If you are taking a synthetic iron pill, it doesn't break down enough to allow your body to absorb it correctly. That's why I've switched to RAW iron by Garden of Life. It's a whole food iron that my body is thanking me for as I... (2 replies)
... Just went for a physical and got results back. It took me one whole year to increase ferritin from 3 to 22 (and I heard it should be 50+ for optimal health). I just did oral supplements though. Iron saturation - 16 (normal is 20-55) TIBC is 525 (228-428) Hemoglobin increased from 11 to 12.9, so that looked good. Doctor said I was fine. Didn't tell me to... (2 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with severe anemia, hemoglobin 8, hemocrit 28, with high ferritin 285. My doctor is sending me to a hematologist Monday. ... (0 replies)
... My doctor claims that I have "severe iron deficiency anemia," but the gastroenterologist he sent me to was not concerned. My doctor put me on iron supplements, but I am not having a transfusion or iron shots. Here are the "abnormal" numbers. Wondered how far out of the normal range / serious they are: Ferritin -- 3 Hemoglobin -- 10.1 Hematocrit -- 0.30 MCV -- 76 MCH -- 25... (9 replies)
... Here are my lab results from this summer. Any advice as to what they mean or anything?? 4/29/07, WBC- 8.4 RBC- 4.35 HGB- 12.8 HCT- 37.8 MCV- 86.9 MCH- 29.5 MCHC- 34.0 (65 replies)
... years ago celiac was diagnosed along with osteoporosis, 3 years ago hasimoto's diagnosed, 2 years ago addison's diagnosed, 1 year ago ITP diagnosed. ... (21 replies)
... Ever since I was a baby, my hemoglobin has been slightly low. My mom was told to increase my iron rich foods. However, out of all 8 of her children, I was the only one with this issue. ... (6 replies)

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