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... my OBGYN thought that it was due to excessive menstrual bleeding that I'd had for 3 months straight. ... (6 replies)
... ew place,it took me around 6 months to somewhat get back to normal,though I was sleeping most of the time.I would eat and fall asleep for 6 hours,then get up for 3 and fall asleep for 8,things like that.Also 2 weeks before we moved,I suddenly got an armpit rash.It was raw and bleeding and just fun. ... (0 replies)
... (3 replies)

Lab reports
Jul 29, 2008
... I had lab work done in Sept of last year. WBC Normal 5.7 RBC normal 4.82 Hemoglobin Low 11.2 Hematocrit Low 35.7 MCV Low 74 MCH Low 23.2 MCHC Low 31.3 RDW Normal 14.3 Platelets Normal 295 (6 replies)
... Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on these test results. And if I should asked to be checked for anemia or something else?? The doctor that orderd these tests sent me to a Endo for thyroid testing, but the endo said it was not thyroid related, although I think that it is related some how to how I feel, but if someone here could help that would be great. The... (4 replies)
... On May 31st, I had iron labs and CBC run. They showed iron deficiency and anemia. B12 and folate were also checked, and they were normal. Hemoglobin 9.9 (11.1 - 15.9) Hematocrit 32.0 (34.0 - 46.6) MCV 74 (79 - 97) MCH 22.9 (26.6 - 33.0) MCHC 30.9 (31.5 - 35.7) RDW 16.1 (12.3 - 15.4) All other CBC values were normal. Reticulocyte count was 0.6 (0.6 - 2.6). Here... (6 replies)
... I would want to investigate the cause of low hemoglobin and low RBC. ... (2 replies)
... still shows normal WBC, RBC, Iron, B12 etc, but Hemoglobin is now down to 12.9. Not extremely low, but lower. ... (2 replies)
... day and I'm taking 3 of these pills a day and my levels haven't gone up like yours did! ... (74 replies)
... my hemoglobin is at a 11.5 due to taking nexium 80mg 2x a day. ... (1 replies)
Low Ferritin
May 8, 2007
... think it is interesting how low ferritin and anemia effect people in such different ways. In the fall of 2005 I had a transfusion of 4 units of blood because my hemoglobin was 4. ... (49 replies)
Lab results?
Jan 19, 2004
... I noticed your total iron and vitamin B12 are a little low, but your hemoglobin is normal. ... (16 replies)
... My levels are as follows: TIBC: 459 normal (250-450 UIBC: 447 normal (150-375) IRON SERUM: 10 normal (35-155) IRON SATURATION: 3% normal (15-55%) FERRITIN SERUM: 5 normal (15-150) VITAMIN B12: 209 normal (211-946) WBC: 5.8 normal (3.4-10.8) RBC: 4.14 normal ( 3.77-5.28) HEMOGLOBIN: 7 normal (11.1-15.9) (1 replies)
... Back in March I went to the GP for a small lump under a surgery scar, thought maybe hernia, sent me to the surgeon a week later I was in surgery had my intestines twisted in two locations, no hernia. I went in for a med check on Monday and was telling my GP that I was tired all the time (falling asleep at work), my mouth/tongue keep going numb, can't remember things,... (1 replies)
... i have the results here. I had the doctors office fax them over to the pain center i went to yesterday and got a copy of em. I am not sure if this is all of it or not but here it is and i am just giving the abnormal results and hopefully maby somebody here can help me. 35 year old woman here. General Chemistry Sodium 135L ... (6 replies)
... My last CBC done I know I'm anemic my hemoglobin has been down to an 8.1 before.I was just curious what all these other things are that I'm low or high in and what they mean? ... (0 replies)
... I had a blood test in January because I was just feeling so lethargic and hair was thinning quite badly. Bloods came back with ferritin of 4, serum iron, 6 and hemoglobin 11.3. ... (74 replies)
Need help.....
Oct 13, 2008
... was told my hemoglobin was down but just got a copy of the report and here are the results.... ... (1 replies)
... Also, how long does it usually take to build the Hemoglobin back up ? ... (8 replies)
... My hemoglobin was 9.9 on the 14th of December, so it dropped all the way to 7.7 in 2 months. ... (9 replies)

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