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[QUOTE=bacbiect]I went to the OBG for a regular pap check up and she said "you are slighty anemic" and that my blood count...or was it iron count was at about 11 and the norm is 15. what does she mean. what do i do in this case? i have been feeling sleepy lately and disconnected throughout the day. is this the cause?
i am so confused, what advice do you have?[/QUOTE]

I was very anemic for years. I think woman often are. 11 actually is really not bad at all. I went down to 5.3 and got faint and very weak. I had to get on a birth control, so my periods were under control. I took a depro shot, first to stop the period for 3 months.
I am very sure I walked around at 8 for years and never knew it.
I just had very bad periods.
I upped from 5.3 to about 9 or 10 and was able to get back to life. It took me a good month taking iron pills and eating meat and lots of greens every day!
Really at 11 my dr. would have been so happy to say I was almost cured.
I think I made it up to 14 eventually. I bet I am about that or 15 now.
Good luck but don't imagine that you are very bad. Believe me I was so much worse....and like I said I probably walked around way lower than you for years! Are you periods very heavy still?

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