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Re: Pink eyelids
Apr 8, 2004
The only definitive test for anemia is a complete blood count. Very simple and usually pretty accurate. The values themselves and the way in which they are arranged will indicate whether anemia is present and usually indicate which type of anemia it is.
Re: Pink eyelids
Apr 12, 2004
I wouldn't think that a pharmacist should be trying to diagnose whether or not you have anemia, especially by just looking at the pinks of the inside of your lower eyelids-just my opinion!

If you are feeling run down & the other symptoms you mentioned, you really should make an appointment with your doctor. The doctor's office can either take bloodwork, or send you to a lab for bloodwork testing, which will be able to show whether or not you're anemic, if so, what type of anemia, & other things.

I'm anemic, but I look fine. Other than not having a lot of energy at times,which could be symptoms of lots of illnesses other than anemia (or just not enough sleep), I don't have any of the symptoms people list. So, you really can't just go by how you look. Also, the bottom lids of my eyelids are a healthy looking pink, so that doesn't determine anything for me.

Be on the safe side, and call your doctor. Good luck, and let us know what you find out.
Re: Pink eyelids
Apr 20, 2004
The only accurate way to check is to have an "anemia profile" which not only checks iron, but iron stores. CBC's only check hemoglobulin and hematocrit. These can be low normal and you can still be anemic. Do it right, do it once.

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