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Apr 15, 2004
When I was in hs my family doc put me on iron supplements after a regular exam for track. I really didn't even complain of any problems, he just took a quick glance beneath my lower eye-lids, asked me if i was still a vegetarian and prescribed me iron pills. After I started taking them I just started feeling great. I had way more energy during the day and at practices and didn't even notice that before what had been "normal" for me was really pretty crappy.
Well, somehow or another I guess I just stopped taking the pills, and wow that was a while ago. I'm a third year in college now. I'm also no longer a vegetarian, although I really don't have the time in my day to eat as much meat as I prob should. Anyhow, I have had really dark circles under my eyes for the longest time now and no creams seem to help. In my research I found a site that says dark circles can be caused by anemia. Someone in here posted that their hair is falling-out due to anemia, and while I'm def not going bald or anything, I have noticed that I seem to be losing my hair at a greater rate than normal. Like several strands just come out in my morning shower.
Does anyone think it's possible that I could just be needing iron again?

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