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[QUOTE=robyncamp]Hi, I'm new here and am so glad that I have found this board! I have recently been diagnosed with very low ferritin (7) and just had my first IV iron treatment last week, with another one tomorrow. I also have a condition called hypopituitarism which means that all (or most) of my hormones are very, very low and I am on meds for question is this: despite my hgb levels being normal (for the most part), could low ferritin alone cause symptoms of constant fatigue, cold hands and feet, mental fog, low energy? The problem for me is that my low hormone levels create the same or similar symptoms and my docs aren't sure what deficiencies are causing which symptoms (I am on thyroid meds and growth hormone injections and am in the process of having a bunch of other hormone leves tested as well....).

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!
I also have a low ferritin that runs around 4. My hemoglobin runs around 11-12 depending on the day of the week. I am post-menopausal. The bottom line truth as I know it to be is that if you are not menstruating, and your ferritin is low, you probably do not notice it, but if your body is having to work over time to keep your hemoglobin up to normal, then that would definitely be a source of fatigue. I do not have fatigue that is noticeable with my routine day, but if I add on something that I am not used to doing, like an extra work day or unusual exercise like moving furniture, I notice it. Because my body maintains a sense of normalcy at the average levels my performance requires. Sort of like these new car computers that set according to your driving style.
So, I would guess that if you have small children to take care of and are still having periods, you are experiencing lower hemoglobin from time to time than is measured in one lab test. Your ferritin level definitely needs a boost.
Marimac (and Robyn and Est) do you know WHY you're so low in iron and at times anemic? I addressed it to M as her situation sounds a lot like mine. I'm not menopausal but I no longer have my periods thanks to continuous birth control pills. Oddly my ferritin continued it's downward plunge anyway! I did tell the dr's that my periods were no big deal. But exactly what is a big deal??? I saw my GI dr. yesterday and he's as puzzled as ever. My hematologist has NO idea what's going on as EVERY test has come back negative!! I'm thankful for that but frustrated at the same time. I eat really well, exercise, don't smoke, drink or do drugs (I'm hideously boring!) I have no known health issues. I hated the IV iron and even though it would help temporarily I couldn't seem to store that kind either! The highest my Ferritin ever got from all the infusions was a 70 and it would disappear within 2 months back to a 3 or 4. Maybe this is just normal for me? I'd sure like a bit more get up and go 'cause mine got up and went a long time ago!!!

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