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[QUOTE=jrhs]Just recently I had a blood test and my hemoglobin count and iron counts were all very low. They were so low that everyone that saw them could believe that I was still functioning. My stored Iron was low as well. Due to the fact that my hemoglobins were so low the doctor had me go into the hospital immediatly for a blood transfusion to raise these levels. A few days after I had another blood test and my hemoglobins were up to 11.2. Two weeks later I had another blood test and the Hemo's were at 10.2. The doctor thinks that this is all due to heavy periods. I am currently taking 650 milligrams of iron a day. I have been diagnosed with anemia and it does run in the family. I just didn't take care of it for a few years and the doctor tends to think that everything just became depleted. I am still under the observation of the doctor and was just wondering if anyone else out there has had a similar experience and what they did to find out the problems causing this and any helpful advice.[/QUOTE]

I also went down to 5.3 hemoglobin back in 1998. I didn't have a transfusion like you.....guess my dr.'s were pretty conservative. I had a deprovera shot to stop my periods for 3 months. Then my diet and iron pills got me back up to 13 eventually. It took 2 months to do it. I took off work for 3 weeks, as I was weak, and very pale. I am on birth control now since then--- and am fine. I have very lite periods...and this month, for example, didn't even have one.
The pill does this.
Have you thought of trying it? I have had no trouble on it. My heavy, horribly long periods are a thing of the past!!!

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