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... said that I was just slightly anemic. I finally reached point that I couldn't keep going and demanded that something be done to make me feel better. By now my ferritin level was two and my iron level was 17. The hematologist wanted to know how it got so low!!! I told him no one listened to me. ... (24 replies)
... That is excellent news. This doctor sounds like he knows his stuff, even to state that your TSH is a bit elevated, when so many don't care when it's just a 'bit'. A 'bit' can go a long way in causing you to feel unwell. Hope it all goes well from here on. (13 replies)
... Just a followup...Finally got a Dr. that listened to me. The Endo definitely agreed that I was iron deficient and started me on supplements asap. I was a serious gestational diabetic so he is testing my glucose as well. He indicated that I should have been getting it tested every year. The last time it was done was in 2004 - neither my primary or OB apparently dealt with it as... (13 replies)

... jlh1002 - my SHBG was low on every test also. When i did a little research on this topic it said that it was the liver's production of fats that was responsible for reducing SHBG levels. My doctor is now getting me to do a specific test to see what my liver is doing so as to verify whether my liver is responsible. I've also read that high levels of insulin can decrease... (13 replies)
... The long wait time is pretty standard for getting into an endo, and actually, June 2nd isn't that far off. I've heard of people having to wait 2 months for a new patient appointment. Good luck and I hope you find a doctor who "listens". You probably need to work both on your thyroid and your iron levels and not just one. (13 replies)
... My appointment isn't until June 4. The other Dr. I could've gone to didn't have any appointments until July 2. I've waited this long, guess one more month is ok. My cholesterol levels have always been in the 150-180 range so I don't think that's the issue. My SHBG was at the extreme low end of the range, 32, but I don't know what that hormone does. Looking forward to... (13 replies)
... OMG, a doctor doesn't treat TSH until 8 or 10?? That's insane!! I keep my TSH at 0.3 because I am under "suppression" due to thyroid cancer. I do think that my endo will start treating anyone who is at a 3.0 with a very small amount of thyroid medication. (13 replies)
... Thanks for all the info. I made an appointment with an endocrinologist to figure out what's going on. (13 replies)
... Have you ever looked into the fact that antidepressants can cause hair loss? I was on them but only for 4 months and i recall reading the info insert within the packaging and it said that the particular brand i was taking could "possibly" cause side effects. My gp at the time discounted that and said that my hair loss couldn't be from the medication. At the time i thought... (7 replies)
... Hi there, Yes, I gained about 60 lb on them. I have lost 35 lb of those, trying to get the rest off. I have been sooo tired for sooo long, but that was due to ADs (antidepressants), so the feeling I have now of not being AD-tired is more than I could ever hope for. Maybe that's why I don't notice any low-iron symptoms -- because I am so grateful to be off ADs and not... (7 replies)
... I had a lot of hair loss in 2006, and notice not a lot of regrowth since then. I wonder if this is because I have low iron? Hmm...wonder if my hair will start to grow back nicely if I up my iron value. thanks! (7 replies)
Iron Supplements
Aug 27, 2006
... my ferritin level was 2 last year with a high binding.. ... (9 replies)
... lower limit, and the highest person's result became the upper. Now, I'm not sure if that's exactly how it works, but it does make sense in light of how huge the ferritin scale is. ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia in March 09 with a hgb of 7.7 and a ferritin of 3. b12 was on the low normal end and negative fecal occult for blood. ... (7 replies)
... geesh, 17 is way high! ... (1 replies)
... I asked her can she check my blood level from last year from when I went. She said sure. ... (0 replies)
... Here are the lab results and ranges: :( Ferritin, Serum 2 ng.mL (10- 291) Iron, serum 15 ug/dL (35-155) :( CBCs of import: RBC 4.11 x10E6/uL (3.80-5.10) HGB 9.5 g/dL (11.5-15.0) Hct 29.5 % (34.0-44.0) MCV 72 fL (80-98) (7 replies)
... I know I couldn't donate blood once cause my iron level was too low. ... (11 replies)
... icate that you have iron deficiency anemia. The doctor has ordered additional tests to confirm the degree. The test you probably do not remember the name of is a Ferritin test or a Total Iron Binding Capacity Test. ... (2 replies)
... I do not have any health insurence anymore, so you can imagine the level of care that's open for me. ... (3 replies)

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