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Re: Anemia
May 6, 2004
[QUOTE=clb3457]I have been seeing my doctor for anemia. My first hemoglobin count was 9.4 then it fell to 9.0. she has me on iron and multi vitamin. my hemoglobin count is now 10.5 my ferritin level is 8. I have alot of stomach problems and she is sending me to a gastroneurologist. My question is that I dont feel any better even though my count is 10.5 I am still very tired. my heart races and I am very short of breath and I am freezing all the time. Does anyone know if it takes awhile to feel better once your hemoglobin starts going up again. Thanks for any advice you might have.[/QUOTE]
Do you mean gastroenterologist. If you have bleeding or infection then the anemia may not be the only thing effecting how you feel. If nothing else is causing you to be ill except the anemia, it will take about 6 months to feel up to par. Most people do not notice the fatigue of long term anemia as much as people who have just become anemic. It seems that the body adapts eventually to the lower iron and energy levels. Whereas if it just recently started within the last few months the body is still fighting to maintain balance and trying to "irritate" you into helping it get better. (This is not a good explanation but the best I can do with out going into more wordy discussion.)

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