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[QUOTE=apriltones]when i was pregnant i was aneamic and had to take double iron, at delivery midwife said i lost alot of blood but would be fine as its normal/common. After birth i felt bit light headed and wobbly in head and vision. I have unexplained shooting pains, tingling,tiredness, migraine headaches,light headness when getting up and breathless ness, i have had some tests done at last and waiting for results but would be gratefull of some advice, thanks april[/QUOTE]
There is no way for anyone to know what is going on by your description. However it is very common to experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, craving inedible objects like paper, or food items that are not particularly nourishing like ice or flavored ices. The doctor will have to test you. It is not uncommon to discover health problems while pregnant just because you generally have more medical attention if you are faithful to prenatal and postnatal care. Lots of people have health conditions and they just don't know about them. Its no secret that if 50 strangers went for medical check ups, one in about five would find out they had a condition.

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