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[QUOTE=Meagan312]Hi, I'm new to the anemia board, though I posted on other boards before trying to match my symptoms to something. So far the only lab tests that are off are those that indicate anemia. I know the figures are low, but can any of you tell me how bad it is? (A little anemia? A lot?)

hemoglobin: 11.5
hematocrit: 34.5
red blood: 3.73

And can this be triggered by antibiotics or an infection? (I had a bacterial infection 2 months ago and went on 2 courses of antibiotics). Since then I've had the following symptoms;

- palpitations
- weakness
- panic attacks
- weakness
- buzzing in my ears
- insomnia
- chest pains and other aches

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.[/QUOTE]
Yes the values are a little off. The truth about anemia is that when it first starts, you have many more uncomfortable symptoms than you do once you have had it for a long while. For instance, if you are anemic because of losing extra blood in surgery, or having heavy periods all of a sudden when you were used to light ones, the symptoms of anemia will cause you to feel as though you are going to die right then and there, and, a lot of people have been known to have heart attacks from sudden stress on the oxygen and breathing system. But, your values are just low enough that if the cause is something that can be repaired easily you should start to feel better say in six weeks or so of additional iron or b-12. If this is going to be a chronic condition from now on, it will take a while, but eventually you will adapt to some of the symptoms, but will definitely feel it if called upon to do strenuous work. I hope this helps some. Just take it slow and don't push yourself further than you can comfortably go until you have done something to address the anemia. Your body will let you know really fast whether you can do a task or not. good luck

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