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... I got my print out from my doctor and again here are the results ferritin 1.18 (13-150) retic 0.4 (0.5-1.5) wbc cnt 3.4 (4.5-11.2) hgb 8.4 (12.0-16.0) hct 28.9 (35-46) mcv 66 (80-99) mch 19.2 (26-33) mchc 29.1 (33-36) (3 replies)
... I read this same thing about the transferrin being high with iron deficiency. These are what my labs look like as of June 18 Total iron 36 (40-175) Low (dropped from 51 in April) TIBC 389 (250-450) Normal (427 in April) Transferrin Saturation 9 (15-50) Low (dropped from 12 in April) RBC 4.36 (3.80-5.10) Normal (About the same as in April) Hemoglobin 11.7 (11.7-15.5)... (8 replies)
... My latest labs after taking iron slow fe for 2 months...colonsopy, endoscopy and celiac testing were all normal. iron 48 ferritin 19 no wonder my hair is still shedding... other concerns of mine (primary doc is not concerned though)... High b12 at 1005 (220-700) High folate at >18 (2.2-18) are these levels cause for alarm - I don't take any vitamins to make them... (14 replies)

... It is curious how it all fits together. When I got my ferritin into a better area, my thyroid numbers looked better, apparently you can do better on the conversion from t4 to t3 with iron levels that are healthier. ... (44 replies)
... Here are my lab results from this summer. Any advice as to what they mean or anything?? 4/29/07, WBC- 8.4 RBC- 4.35 HGB- 12.8 HCT- 37.8 MCV- 86.9 MCH- 29.5 MCHC- 34.0 (65 replies)
... my ferritin is 5.08. Any suggestions? ... (3 replies)
... Hi Everyone - I have an appointment to see my hematologist on 12/12 but until then I thought I'd look around here to see if I can find similar stories or some answers. My OB found I was severely anemic at my first prenatal appointment last year. So much so that she thought I had been anemic for some time and just had no reason to be tested for it until then. Before... (0 replies)
Anemia in a man
Nov 10, 2016
... A little over a month ago, my husband got the following blood test results (sorry there are so many of them, I wanted to give a complete picture). His doctor told him he was anemic and needed further testing. WBC 4.3 k/mcL 4.8-10.8 RBC 4.83 Mil/mcL 4.70-6.10 Hgb 13.3 gm/dL 14.0-18.0 Hct 39.6 % ... (1 replies)
... I have had anemia since 2011. The anemia was very mild; my doctor put me on a low dose iron pill and I went from slightly anemic to barely not anemic and she told me not to worry about the anemia because it was probably genetic. I did worry about it, because a) I had up until then always had very iron-rich blood, even during pregnancy; b) I had just had my diet flagged for... (4 replies)
... and was not able to recover well. My lips turned blue, I could not get out of bed, utter exhaustion. My internist ran labs and my levels were worse. Ferritin 6 Iron 18 and all the other RBC MCV HCt were off. He said if I did not stop my periods this would really not end well. ... (0 replies)
... I'm a little confused about the results of an iron panel I recently had done. I took the test while fasting before 10am. I wanted to have everything tested because I've been feeling very lethargic lately...more tired than usual (I'm often fatigued - have been for years), no drive to do anything, racing heart beat... It seems like I'm cold more than usual too, and starting late... (1 replies)
... My hgb and hct are normal and I'm not anemic. But I am iron deficient. My ferritin is at a 7. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Everyone: I am so confused. All my other blood works is okay... I am low normal range for all other red blood cell related tests but I am SUPER low on Iron saturation (6% and I used to be 41%), Ferritin of 18, Iron level of 24 (used to be 130). I am light headed and dizzy all day along with hair loss, poor concentration. BUT my doctor said dizziness shouldn't be... (1 replies)
... In April they found she had low iron saturation. It was 18 which is not too low so we started her on some liquid iron drops. ... (4 replies)
... I have iron deficiency anemia also. Your numbers are very similar to mine. (I'll include the relevant ones below.) My doctor referred to my anemia as "mild." Since I'm male and the averages for men are higher than for women, my numbers are slightly further off from the average than yours are. Thus, your anemia is most certainly mild, too. I was also put on an iron and vitamin... (7 replies)
... Tsh 6.0 (0.27-4.2) T4 14 (12-22) Ige 459 (26-81) Total protien 77 (70/80) Albumin 45 (35/50) Igg 12 (6/16) Iga 4.63 (0.8/2.8) Igm 0.74 (0.5/1.9) Cortisol 893 Serum b12 289 (191/663) (5 replies)
... i was recently diagnosed with anemia because of my hemoglobin and hematocrit and rbc results. upon repeat testing of these by specialist they are still low and he performed further tests, the results of these are as follows: Result 06/14/13 WBC 4.3 ANC 2.3 RBC 3.66 low Hgb 11.5 low HCT 34.9 low (0 replies)
... Need a glimmer of hope as I'm getting very depressed as before being diagnosed with low ferritin I had a really bad chest infection and pleurisy. So since 18 Feb I've felt constantly awful apart from about a week where I felt ok. Can anyone give us an idea? ... (6 replies)
Anaemic again?
Apr 23, 2013
... as it was so long ago I can't remember the exact symptoms. I remember having a bad case of flu and recurrent thrush every month. The GU doctor tested me and iron ferritin levels were 4 when they should be around 30! ... (0 replies)
... I am really frustrated with my situation and am not sure what steps to take next. For the past 6-9 months I have been having weird things going on that seem to be getting worse and are kind of bizarre. Last summer and fall I was having such extreme lightheaded feelings when I went from bending over in the garden, or crouching, up to standing that I often felt like I was... (2 replies)

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