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[QUOTE=karmadharma]My most recent lab results (5-26-04) are as follows:
Hemoglobin 10.6 (11.5-15)
HCT 33.7 (34-44)
Ferritin 4 (10-291)

I was at an appointment with my ob-gyn doctor today and complained of feeling extremely weak, almost like I could easily pass out if I stand too long, very rapid heartbeat, incredible fatigue, and an inability to think clearly and/or concentrate. Also, my fingernails are cracking, splitting and peeling like crazy. Her reply was that my numbers were not low enough to be causing these symptoms and has referred me to an internist.

My question is whether anyone else disagrees with my doctor, like I do? I think she is wrong. Has anyone here had any experience with symptoms like mine at similar blood levels to mine? At what blood levels do you think symptoms can appear? Comments? Opinions? Experiences?

Thank you very much for reading this and for any help you can provide. I got like this from heavy menstrual cycles and am taking iron supplements.[/QUOTE]
What time of day was your blood test taken?, was it done fasting or non fasting? How long have you been feeling this way? Your doctor could be right or she may be being very cautious to investigate causes.( internal bleeding from intestines etc.
Anyway, your symptoms are yours and if you are not satisfied with the report, you would need to get another one. ( there are some environmental factors that might influence your test results to make them appear better than they really are. But the Ferritin level is too low to be of any help to you and the other things are borderline low so that if you were to get a really bad bleed you would easily go into shock. Basically they indicate that your body is fighting hard to keep you supplied with blood. You do need further testing.
I Would Also Like To Know The Of Levels Vrs Synmtoms. I Was Told My Level Was 4. The Doctor Said It Should Be 15-16. I'm On Slow Fe 1 Tablet Daily. It Could Take Up To 6 Months.
I Feel Very Weak,memory And Concentration Are A Problem. I Also Have To Write Things Down. Brittle Hair.even Posting This Is Difficult Due To My Weakness And Hands Feeling Stiff. I Have Been Experiancing Seizure Like Activity (non Epi). The Docs Don't Feel It's Directly Connected To The Low Iron Level, But I Hope Maybe Taking Iron Might Help. All My Other Test Have Came Back Normal.


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