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I was dx'd w/ Von Willebrand's disease about 6 months ago after finding out that my son had it..I am 29 years old and have a history of anemia (found out during start of puberty). I was on iron therapy and BC for many years then let up after having a baby 5 years ago...recently staring experiencing fatigue and was found to be anemiac again.

Basically, 1-2 out of every 100 people are believed to have Von Willebrand's disease. It is a bleeding disorder but one of the mildest (there are several types but most people are type I). There is a factor in the blood which is produced at lower levels which affects the cells abilty to form an adequate clot which typically leads to longer bleeding times.

My main symptoms are very heavy menstrual cycles....during puberty I would have a period every 2 weeks and lots of clotting. Also, bruise very easily. My son experiences nose bleeds and bleeding from the gums if he brushes too hard, along w/ easy bruising.

Von Willebrands is genetically aquired which means that one parent has to be the carrier. However different factors affect the levels of Von Willebrand in the blood and they can be variable. Also some people are more symptomatic than others. I would talk w/ your family to see if any one else has a history of very heavy menstrual cycles, post partum bleeding, bleeding w/ surgery, oral surgery, etc, nosebleeds, bruising.

Again, it's very common, but most people don't know they have it. Usually a hemotologist will need to run tests (GP's not so great in this area) and it is treateable....they are a few meds available.

Good luck!

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