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[QUOTE=KritterKeeper]I made it a whole year and a half without having to get iron infusions but my luck has run out. Actually it's my iron that's run out! To the post below--yes infusion is getting an iron drug dripped directly into your bloodstream via an IV. It's a method of last resort and I really wouldn't reccommend it. TAKE YOUR IRON PILLS!!! If one bothers you try another and another and another. There are even liquid forms of iron you can try. Ask your dr. for a time release prescription or another form of iron you may tolerate better. AND, eat meat! I used to be a vegetarian but with the iron issue I try to eat more red meat and other foods rich in iron. Look 'em up. Unfortunately none of it works well for me but that's the exception rather than the rule.
Marrimac, you mentioned a return to infusions yourself. My doctor has a Chemo set up in his office so I don't have to go to a hospital, just what I call the "backroom." I'm in for 2 solid months of weekly infusions of Ferrlecit. I'm violently allergic to Infed. What to others get? I'm actually kind of scared this time 'cause I started to throw a rection to the Ferrlecit the last time I got it. I'm starting this cycle on Wednesday. Any thoughts? :eek:[/QUOTE]
Yes, I went to see my GP today and she says it is back to the Hematologist for me too. I was testing out very very low Serum Iron, the ferritin has dropped to 4 and the hemoglobin is on its way down as well. She was on the phone to the pharmacy when I left the office to go back to work. They were going to try an iron"cocktail" to try to keep me from having to go for the infusion. I had a negative reaction to the INFED as well and it took 6 hours to drip enough to send me home the last time. That was not a fasting test so I don't remember whether the fasting would show a low value or a higher one. At any rate, I am starting to have the short of breath symptoms and dizziness again, and I sort of look like the color of a sick lemon. I am getting tired easily. But I think I have taught my brain to work on less oxygen. Anyway, if they come up with something new, I will let you know what it is and it works. If they don't, I will still check back to see how you are doing. The doctor is particularly concerned with me because I do not have periods and so I guess I am basically not storing any and barely utilizing what I am getting in from day to day.

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