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Sorry Can't Be Of Help On The Heavy Period Issue, But I Suffer From Anemia As Well. I Had The Ringing In The Ears And The Short Breath As Well. I Have A Hard Time Rememebering To Take My Lousy Iron Pill Since I Have So Many Drugs To Take With It. More Times Than Not I Don't Take It. I Have Never Noticed A Differenced On It Or Of It. One Time I Did Use It Religiously And I Got Bunk For My Troubles.

The Folic Acid Twice Daily With Iron And Orange Juice Sounds Like A Winner Combo For Me, I Could Use Triple Absorption.

I Also Suffer Low Testosterone And Have To Have That Replaced As Well.

So I Am Quite A Canidate For Chronic Fatguie. It Got So Bad That I Was Bedridden For Months Before I Said This Is Crazy I Need To Talk To A New Doctor.

Well He Gave Me Ritalin La And Man Did That Stuff Light My Tires, I Had Boundless Energy. I Know It Was A Fake Form From A Pill Put After Some Many Years Who Cares. That Tended To Have A Zombie Like State When It Wore Off So I Changed Meds To Dexedrine And Adderall.

I Honestly Can't Get A Damn Think Done Without My Adderal, I Could Not Even Get Out Of Bed. It Helps Me Organize Better, Gives Me Energy, Not Boundless, That Part Wheres Off, It Also Makes Me Feel Good About Life.

That Is Probably Due To The Fact It Releases Massive Amounts Of Dopamine And Nor-epinenphrine In My Brain While I Take The Drug. I Guess Some Would Call It A Mild Euphoria. Yeah Well I Will Take That Any Day Over Just Laying In Bed And Endlessy Watching Tv.

I Do Suffer From Chronic Bouts Of Constipation As Well, Which Is Mainly From My Pain Management Program I Am On. You Can't Win.

All I Can Say Is Anemia Is No Joke And It Makes Me Feel Like A 100 Year Old Man Sometimes Who Can't Get Out Of His Own Way. It Is Too Bad I Have To Resort To Such Powerful Narcotic Type Stimulants For Energy, But No One Has A Better Answer.

So In Conclusion I Would Like To Tell Those Other Forgetors Out Their That We Need To Take That Lousy Little Iron Pill Continuously. Look What It Causes When You Don't?


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