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If the anemia is your straightforward iron deficiency sort it generally indicates either blood loss or inability to absorb enough iron to freshen your normal blood supply. That pretty much nails the issue down to heavy menstrual losses, GI blood loss,via an ulcer or other lesion in GI tract or even hemmeroids (sorry can't spell that), or malabsorption of iron due to Celiac, Chrons etc. Women will almost always be sent to their GYN first as that's the most obvious sorce of regular and normal blood loss. Even though I had no complaints about my periods I was put on a continuous dose of birth control pills to stop them altogether. With my iron levels being so low I couldn't afford to lose any blood as I do not have enough to replace it. As that didn't help I ended up at the GI dr.s. He did all of his usual tests and couldn't find either blood loss or a true malabsorption symdrome. Next up the hematologist and since the other 2 specialists couldn't nail down the problem, and oral iron was not increasing my levels, his job was to fix it--hence why I ended up with the IV iron. The hematologist can also confirm the type of anemia you have with the blood tests as the numbers arrange themselves differently. They can also run other tests for bleeding disorders.
Despite my run thru the testing maze no answers became identifiable. In a way that's a good thing because at least I know what it's NOT!
Unfortunately there is no "quick fix."
Do you have heavy cycles? Have you thought of changing PPIs or taking a totally different med? Do you have a lot of diarrhea or dark stools? I'm sure your docs are asking you all of this. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to find medical professionals to whom you can really talk. I've got some good ones who've been really responsive to my questions and concerns. No one could have prevented my allergic reactions to the iron. That's just my dumb lick (or lack there of!!) Right now just the sight of a rusty nail can have me running away screaming in terror!!!

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