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Well, welcome to the club--not that you really wanted the membership!! All my tests continue to be negative as well but as of yet none of my dr.s have suggested the camera pill (YUK!!) thank goodness. But, those who have done it claim it's no biggie. As for the PPIs they don't per say cause anemia. Because they act upon the stomach acid this in turn inhibits your ability to absorb iron. Are you taking a lot of iron? Usually the coloscopy will show the Crohns if it's there. I guess sometimes it can be higher up where they can't reach with the scope? My hubby has it and it stinks!! He gets really sick at times and ends up in the hospital.
My last Ferritin was also a 4 and my Hgl had dropped to 11 (normal for me is almost 14.) I ended up back at the hematologist for more IV iron. HERE'S where you do NOT want to go!!! I had a severe allergic reaction to the first drug they tried and have been getting another for three years now. Gee, guess what? I'm now allergic to that one too!! The last couple of times I'd gotten it I'd had some weird symptoms. I threw a major reaction last week and went into shock. It was really scary and now all the dr's agree that it's too risky for me to have it anymore. HOWEVER, they have NO idea what to do about the anemia now!!! So believe me I can relate!!!

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