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[QUOTE=dona129]I saw my internist yesterday a very nice man....However...he doesn't want to do a physical or anything until this ferritin issue (I'm a 4) is cleared....He said no iron supplements...because they mask things...

I am waiting to get in with the camera/pill thing...asap
so takes 57,000 will be a very easy test compared to the scope (the prep part is a doozie for me)

The next step if that comes up clean is the bone marrow thing....THIS SCARES ME.....Anyone had that understand why they do that????

Questions??? Symptoms....Do you have pressure on the left side of your chest ...i do under my breast? Do you have times when your legs ache? Do you feel like you have asthma like your breathing is taxed? Walking upthe stairs is a chore!

I would appreciate any past experiences you want to share...input or just general hand holding....This is all making me QUITE Nervous....
Thank YOU in advance.....Sincerely....Donna[/QUOTE]
It sounds like you have a very good doctor. My doctors are the best that insurance can buy. But they give me about 15 minutes coding time for billing so I get very little attention. I will tell you what I have learned in my own search. I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. My ferritin is always around 0-4. I sometimes wonder if I am supposed to have any higher number than 4. IF you have not had a physical in the past, the doctor is looking for Stomach cancer, Ulcers, or any perforations that could have occurred as well as any vascular diseases that would cause occult bleeding. IF they find that you have no ability to make intrinsic factor, they usually prescribe vitamin B-12 and start you on iron supplements. Some times the oral iron works and sometimes not. If it doesnt work, they will go to iron infusions. Bone marrow biopsy is reserved by most doctors until last possible test because of its invasivness and because they are a difficult procedure for a doctor to perform. There is a part of the biopsy process that simply can not be numbed by pain reliever and no doctor wants his patient to suffer needlessly for any reason. The results of the bone marrow biopsy will tell the doctor if the bone is making blood cells properly or if there is a problem like fibrosis, (too much fiber not enough cell materials available.)
This is not a necessary test unless the other tests have said conclusively that cancer is a high possibility.(in my opinion only) Most of the time the combination of blood tests and GI upper and lower tells the tale and no further invasions of body have to be done.

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