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I recently turned 20. Have been feeling sick for years. For the passed 5 years I have been sleeping roughly 12 hours a night when I can, I'm always tired, can't get enough sleep, I have very noticeable dark bags under my eyes, no energy, hard to breathe at times when I'm not even moving. For the passed 3 years, I have been suffering from a chronic pain in my legs (muscles only), and for the passed year it started in my arms. To the point of which some days I cant pick up a glass of water without it hurting my muscles. My legs on the other hand, prevent me from working any job where I must stand or walk around. For example... I worked as a waitress for 7 months, and by the time I got home after shift, I would have to almost crawl upstairs get myself into bed, curl up into fetal position and cry, sometimes for hours. The only help I have found, is heat. However when the heat is removed whether it be after 10 minutes or 5 hours, the pain becomes even more unbearable than before. I never thought this could link into the fact that I have a low ferritin level and diagnosed with low iron deficiency. I am now presently on 900mg of ferrous iron daily, and have been for 2 months now. No difference, no sings of it working, I feel the same. Doctor told me it could take up to 6 months for it to work, and that is of course if my body takes in the iron pills. I will be getting a blood test to see if the pills are doing the job or if I have to go deeper into it and have the iron (needles). In addition, I have lost about half my hair, not in patches but thinning. The doctors told me it was probably birth control, I found out afterwards by research that even females at the age of 10 can lose their hair due to iron deficiency, or other anemia symptoms and that usually it takes a long time to lose your hair from this. Which ticks me off, because I've probably been anemic for years and my family doctor never bothered with the blood test. And me being 20 years old and obviously not a doctor, like I would know hey maybe I'm anemic? I've been afraid and feeling completely alone until I found this site and saw that there were other people like me. I have to hide most of my feelings toward the entire basket of health issues I have, my family couldn't handle how serious it is and how serious I'm taking it. Therefore I will not build my walls up while being in here. I need answers, if anyone has anything.. I'm so tired of feeling sick And most of all so many of us have no answers, well at least I don't. Even though I travelled to see a specialist.. Anyone who experienced anything similar as I have, questions, answers, anything.. I havent had anyone to really talk to about this. It's like any other health issue.. no one understands unless they are going through it too. I'm so scared.
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