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It sounds like you do not have a good health care facilitator. I won't even refer to that person who is treating you as a doctor. However, even low grade anemia can cause body aches and pains. There are immune disorders that will cause the low iron and the chronic fatigue and muscle pain. Heat may feel good when you are using it and then make your aches and pains worse when you stop. You might try ice packs and get better relief. Of course use them sensibly and don't give yourself frost bite. If you possibly can, get a doctor to run immunology and thyroid tests on you. Almost everything you talked about sounds like low thyroid and you need a complete panel. Doctors do not often think of young people as having low thyroid problems unless they are big as a house.
People of color also have a tendency towards sickle Cell anemia which also causes the symptoms you describe, but any one can have sickle cell. Those symptoms are yellow eyes, chest pain, fatigue, abdominal pain, flu like symptoms, aches and pains especially in the legs, blood in urine, excessive urination, excessive thirst. I saw your other post and you definitely need to have your doctor recommend an iron supplement that does not have lactose in it. That would impair anyone from receiving the benefits of the iron even if they were not lactose intolerant, The experts say not to take iron with any milk products. Period.

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