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Thank you both for replying.. The main thing is, I couldn't believe when I read that people were suffering from leg pain. Perhaps my chornic leg pain is due to me being anemic. I've been on a high for the passed 24 hours, searching everything I can find on anemia, the symptoms and the different types. Doctors tend to not tell you anything, like they did with me. I have so many thoughts running through my mind at this point that I don't even know where to begin. Or what to even type. I'm actually speechless. I did find out however, that the lactose in the iron pills isn't a big enough amount to due any harm to any lactose-intolerant person. There is a liquid supplement I could take.. Worse senario is that I continue my sore stomachs from the lactose, which at this point I can deal with. My main issue is the pain in my legs and all the symptoms from being anemic. I always thought perhaps I was just lazy and it was normal to feel the way I do. I think it's only normal for people to want to feel good and healthy.. some of us are luckier than others. So far, I've been lucky that I don't have a severe deficiency, only low ferritin levels from what the blood test could find.
If anyone feels like just writing, I would be more than glad to read. I think sharing our pains and ideas, and knowledge can only help us all. As of now I am a beginner in this, at least from what I know. But chances are when I receive my file from the doctors office, it will show that he didn't check my iron levels. And then I will freak,.
Comments, anything... I need peace and I find it in people going through similar problems as I am..
Please and Thank You

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