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[QUOTE=marjs_life]:bouncing: i was just told i have an iron defficiency this is my results can someone pleose enlighten me
serum iron 9umol/l....normal is (10-33)
transferrin ibc 66 umoL/L(45-70)
transferrin satuation14%,,,normal(16-50)
serum ferritin Assay29ug/L,,(10-290)
the iron studies suggest iron defficiency,,the ferritin may be misleadingly elevated to within normal range by concurrant inflamatory disease

is this a bad anemia? haemoglobin is 148 ,,,normal is g/L (115-160
pleose tell me what this means
There are levels of anemia: mild, moderate, severe and profound. Your anemia level meets the mild criteria. Mild anemia can be treated by mild oral iron supplement or increase in red meat in diet. Moderate can be treated by iron supplement. Severe may take additional iron supplementation with B-12 and Folic acid supplements as well. Profound anemia sometimes has to be treated with IV infusions, or blood transfusions.(The treatment recommendations are particular to each case and these are only guidelines.)

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