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My 15-month old daughter was diagnosed with anemia nearly eight months ago during a routine visit to the pediatrician. We tried iron therapy for several months, but her RBCs continued to decrease. Her total RBC for the past eight months has ranged between 3.2 and 3.5, her hemaglobin has ranged from 8.2-9.6. Further blood tests indicate her iron level is OK. Her SED rate was 74 in May and has decreased to 33 in July (normal range is 0-20). Her urine tests all look normal, except she has trace protein and creatinine was slightly low, but this was not significant to pediatrician.

We've seen two pediatric hematologist. The first gave us a "no diagnosis" after very rude treatment. The second suspects that the anemia is caused by a chronic disease, but all urine tests and ultrasounds to date show no signs of inflammation (which is confusing since her SED rate is high) or tumors. Both hematologists have indicated that this is not a genetic or other type of anemia and it is not caused by her thyroid.

Her major symptoms are sleepiness (she takes two naps a day, usually for a total of 6 hours-- sleeps 12 solid hours or more at night); irritability; occasional diarrhea (which as decreased over past couple of months); and occasional unexplained fever. She seems susceptible to viruses lately, having picked up two colds during the month of July.

Anyone encountered an unexplained anemia such as this when it isn't caused by iron deficiency and seems to come from an as-of-yet-to-be-determined chronic disease?

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