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Re: Anemia problem
Aug 12, 2004
[QUOTE=blueflower00320]Hi, I have been anemic for over a year now, was feeling very tired so asked doctor to check my iron levels, he did and i was a 4, he imediately started me on iron injections. At the time my son was about 12 months and i was still breast feeding him. I continued to breast feed him for a further 4 months, my doctor referred me to a heamotologists, he did lots of tests, found nothing. He told me to go away and take Iron tablets for a few months. I then was referred to a gyno to check to see if it was my periods, he sent me for tests all came up normal. At this time my iron level was not too bad because of the iron injections. Anyway just had my iron levels checked again and I am slowly going down again i am a 9, also my liver levels are slightly elevated, so my doctor sent me for a abdominal ultrasound, and there was no abnormalities. He seems to think i have a fatty liver. Today i went for a berium meal to check to see if i have an ulcer or any other problems in my stomach which could explain the anemia, everything was ok, except it showed mild duodenitis. I dont have any symtoms at all, no reflux, no stomach pains, i am overweight (but not too much) so no unexplained weight loss, i have been tested for cileacs which came up negative. I dont know where to go from here, it is starting to worry me can anyone help. :)[/QUOTE]
Hi Blueflower, I hope you can find out whats wrong.I start injections today.My iron is at 4. I do have celiac disease, and acid reflux. It was found when the upper and lower scope was done a few weeks ago. I had no symtoms other than being anemic. What is duodenitis? Keep in touch

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