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WBC 9.5 10^9/L

That's your white blood cell count. Has nothing to do with anemia.

The rest of these are just a rough estimation on my part because normal ranges vary from population to population, and the laboratory's reference ranges were not posted here.

RBC 4.35 10^12/L

Red cell count...seems pretty normal.

HGB 100 g/L
HCT 31.3 %

These are your hemoglobin and hematocrit. They are on the low side of normal for women.

MCV 71.9 fL
MCH 23.0 pg

THESE are one reason your doc says it's iron deficiency. MCV means mean cell volume and basically indicates the size of your red cells. Less than 80 or so is small, and more than 100 is big. So yours are a little smaller than normal.

MCH means mean cell hemoglobin, and this basically shows up to the lab technologist as the deepness of the red color of the cells. Your MCH is also lower than normal, and this means your cells would appear a good bit lighter than most folks'.

The two of these things being low is a hallmark sign of iron deficiency anemia, but could also be due to other factors, and could even be perfectly normal for some individuals.

RDW 17.0 %

RDW basically means red cell distribution width, meaning the level of variation of size of your red cells. 17% is a tad high, but nothing to be really concerned about.

PLT 211 10^9/L

This is your platelet count, well within normal ranges.

MPV 12.5 fL

And this refers to the size of your platelets, which can run small, large, or widely varied in size in various disorders. This number also appears to be normal.

So looks like your doc is well justified in his/her assessment. Don't's usually easily treatable.

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