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Here is some of her medical records. This is just a small bit of it. To answer your question, I was born in 1965. My mom was born in 1934 and died 1975. She was tired alot due to her anemia.

I apologize for the lenght of this but maybe you can tell me what it means.


This lady presented to the ER with a hemoglobin of apx. 5. A diagnosis of Coombs. positive, autoimmune hemolytic anemia was made. The patiend was started on Prednisone 100 mgs daily with an extremely poor response. Apparetnly the hemoglobin got down to apx 3. At this point, it wasfelt that blookd transfusions were nec. despite the hazards involved. The patient was transfused. Today she was transferred to ICU and further transfustions were carried out. The patient developed respitory arrest, cardaic arrest associated with massive hematuria. Diagnostic considerations at this time remained that of hemolytic crisis, microangiopathic hemolysis, massive transfusion reaction. Combination of massive hemoglbinuiri and hypotension pre-disposed to acute tubular insufficiensy which seems well established at hte present time in that the patient is oliguric. She also remains in shock. EKG reveal sinus tachycardia. There is diffused bleeding from the GI tract, vagina, urinary tract and there are multiple superficial puncture sites.

There are alot of tests, but I don't know what they mean or how to read them. I'll list some of them and maybe you can make sense of them.

6/ 12/ 75

WBC x 10 5 2 .6
4 7 .4 Corrected wbc

RCB 1.09
HGB 3.4
HCE 1 1.0
MVC 1 0 1
MCH 3 1.0

Myelocte 1
Metamyelocyte 1
Band 15
PMN 68
Moncyte 3
NUCL RBC (11) ( something else I can't read)

anisocytosis 3+

Polchromasia 4 +

Reticulocytes 43.0

evaluated for folic acid


4.3 NG/??
4-16 NG/ml ?

Next day:
Reticulocytes 34.0

HBG 4.0
HCT 12.0

next day:

HBG 3.7
HCT 13.0

More tests: I believe urine

Color: Amber
Character: Cloudy
Reaction: 6.5
Pecific gravity 011
Alb??? 3+
Sugar neg
Hemoglobin Large
WBC/HPP ( or HFF) 10-12
RBC/HPP ( of HFF) unreadable
Crystals ( 8-10 course granulear c??)
Casts/LPF 60-70 ceblular cast???

Looks like they also gave her bone marrow.

This 41 yr old female presented to the ER complaining of headaches. Originally the pain was occipital in nature radiating to the frontal region, it became subsequently generalized at the time of admission. The pt tried bed rest for 3 days before she came to the ER. PT said that she was aking darvocat 10 #4 and Empirin with only mild relief and also there was nausea and vomiting the day before admission. The patient had a long history of migraine headaches. The pt also gave a history or anemia since the age of 12. She had several courses of b complex and b12. She also has numerous allergies. She gave a history of having some transfusions when she was going through childbirth. The pt was also taking antihistamines and allergyg shots.

The physical exam at the time of admission revealed the temp to be 97.4, pulse of 120/minute, resp. rate 24/minute, bp 144/78. The pt appeared markedly anemic, slighly obese, and severely jaundiced. The conjuctivae were pale. The sclerae were icteric. The fundi did not reveal any evidence of hemmorage, exudate, or papilledema. The neck was supple, no thyroid enlargement. There was no palpable lymphadenopathy in the cervical, axillary, or inguinal region. The thorax was essentially normal. Lungs were clear. The heart showed no evidence of ardiomegaly. There was ????? moderate tachycardia of 124/minute. The blood vessels showed the pulses were palapable in all superficial blood vessels. There was no evidence of hepatosplenomegaly. Genitourinary did not reveal any evidence of tenderness in the cardiophranic angle. Musculoskeletal did not reveal any abnormality. Extremities showed no varicosities, pitting edema or ulceration. Neurological exam was normal.

Initial workup in the ER revealed a white blood count of 23,700, red blood count was 1,550,000, hemoglobin of 5.7 gm, hematocrit of 15.9 % slightly microcytic indices, RETICULOCYTES of 17.6%, many sperocyes, jaundiced plasma. The differential showed 2 myelocytes, 1 metamyelocytes, 7 bands, 76 PMN's, 9 lymphocytes, 3 monocytes, 2 eosinophils, and 2 nucleated red blood cells. The CPK was normal. The electrolytes were within normal limits. Direct Coombs was 2+. URNINALYSIS SHOWED A SMALL AMOUNT OF HEMOGLOBIN. The total bilirubin was 7.7, direct bilirubin was 1.0. The creatinine was 0.8, SGOT of 38, LDH of 1207. Diagnosis of Coombs positive hemolytic anemia was established.

There is much more, but maybe this is enough to figure it out?

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